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free OPM sheet music by Heide Abot

forevermore by juris mercy and compassion by aia de leon mahal ko o mahal ako by kz tandingan sa'yo by silent sanctuary pare, mahal mo raw ako by michael pangilinan thank you, ang babait ninyo by lyca, darren, jk, darlene

nina - someday

OPM sheet music no. 31: oh well... i must say, it's a hard piece to transcribe/arrange because this song comprises mostly of eight-dotted and quarter-dotted notes.. mas madali talaga i-play sa piano kesa gawan ng piyesa... so sa mga naghahanap eto na po... dinugo talaga ako sa kanta na ito... my gally!!! hahahaha =D

btw, the actual audio/mp3 below where i based my transcriptions are just guide ( tempo, dynamics, flow of the song, etc. ) for the piano players/musicians. support our OPM artists by buying their album.

LISTEN to this song...

sung by nina
composed by niño volante
lyrics by niño volante
pasword: 020809


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page 2
page 3
page 4
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page 6
page 7


page 1
page 2

sung by nina

someday you'll gonna realize
one day you'll see this through my eyes
by then i won't even be there
i'll be happy somewhere even if i can't

i know you dont really see my worth
you think your the last guy on earth
well i've got news for you
i know i'm not that strong
but it won't take long, won't take long

coz someday, someone's gonna love me
the way, i want you to need me
someday, someone's gonna take your place
one day i'll forget about you
you'll see, i won't even miss you
someday, someday

right now i know you can tell
i'm down, and i'm not doing well
but one day these tears they will all run dry
i won't have to cry sweet goodbye

coz someday, someone's gonna love me
the way, i want you to need me
someday, someone's gonna take your place
one day i'll forget about you
you'll see, i won't even miss you
someday, i know someone's gonna be there

someday, someone's gonna love me
the way, i want you to need me
someday, someone's gonna take your place
one day i'll forget about you
you'll see, i won't even miss you
someday, someday.

for piano chords, download it HERE
for piano tutorial video, watch it HERE
for instructions on how to download the sheet music ( GUIDELINES ), read it HERE
to download the sample audio in .mp3 format, click HERE
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12 kontrabulates:

Anonymous said...

thank you!

kim jihee said...


Anonymous said...


I saw your website by accident :-)

I heard some of your stuff... nice ;-) wonderful!

Of course, I did more of reading rather than trying to extract a hefty load of music scores. I'm no musician, however I could tune & fix most music wood winds & string instruments (e.g. guitars,violins,... reed organs, & pianos) to perfection (exclude hi-tech chip-oriented electronic devices... I can only solder and do minor repairs... since most are disposable) I can be likened to McGyver.... ok :-)

I love the classics like strauss, chopin, saint-saens.... & most opm maybe of the earlier genre (kundiman love songs etc) as well as some new cool pop & bossa...

Anyways, I'm writing just to let you know.... that your generosity and contribution to the music community is well appreciated!

"Hayan... patatabain ko ang iyong puso!!! "Salamat sa iyong malagkit na pawis at walang patid na pagtiyatiyaga, at pagsusunog kilay upang tangkilikin ang musikang sariling atin.... at isinulat para sa amin!!!" Kudos.... abot hangga't langit...at lupa... Hei....de Abot din! Hehe :-)

However here is a creative criticism, "Medyo, nahilo ako sa website mo" Lots of valuable content but rather "nakakaduling" the layout :-(
and the user interface goes ------> then <--- - ------ then-----<--- - - -
----- ---- -- - -------> then -- - --------> then <--- ----------- then -- - - - - ->
blinkity -- -> <- blink >> ##@@ *** blinkity -- -- blink -- > ???

No offense, of course I must be one amongst the few who may get crossed-eyed or something... "halos `vertigo'... na rin inabot ko, hehe :-)". Wala pa naman akong "insurance" sakaling mag-epilepsy ako!!

Anyways, I do agree that your work is best suited if made available to the masses and those who would take interest in such painstaking, eyes-straining, laborious, priceless renditions of well written music scores.

Hence,it just makes me wonder????? What does it take to maintain your website??? Whereabouts are you situated?? In what manner, or method do you access your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Who or how do you maintain your database. How much is your Inernet Connection (if you do have your personal account)???

Anyways, I'm so sorry I don't have enough finances to make donations
due to our crisis. However, pls. do text me @ 09297788066,if interested, I would propose a special arrangement for you! I'm willing to provide you with free access to our internet cafe computer facilities for your consumption and ONLY for the PURPOSE of MAINTAINING this WEBSITE... free of charge :-) It is situated at commonwealth avenue behind U.P. Diliman

Hopefully, this should lessen the bulk on you expenses.

Best Regards,


Well, that's the help I can give you for now :-)

heide abot said...

@kim jihee...
you're welcome ^_^

wOw ang haba hahaha gantihan ata ito ng mahahabang comments... ^_~ newayz, you're welcome po at pasencia na kung nag-cause ako ng pagkaduling sa inyong pagpunta sa aking site... i'm no pro in web designing but i'm learning bit by bit. it's just that paunti-unti rin ang ginagawa kong upgrade since hectic na sched ko sa lahat ng ginagawa ko ngayon sa buhay ko, mahina kalaban =) and your criticism's well taken...

i'll do the revisions, upgrading/improving this site as soon as my schedule allows me to... so for now... eto muna. ^_^

thank you for offering your help, hayaan mo pagnapadpad ako jan sa UP diliman (which is mejo slim chance dahil hindi naman ako napapadpad dyan =p) gagamitin ko ung free internet access... sinabi mo yun. walang bawian yan! =)

btw, may nagrequest na sa akin ng KUNDIMAN songs, it's just that i'm not that familiar. i can only name few kundiman songs, yung iba siguro if maririnig ko tska ko malalaman na "yun pala 'yon" hahaha... but don't worry i'll add that to my list.

thanks for dropping by ^_^ balik na lang ulit for more ^_^

Jhaye said...

and hirap naman pala . it sounds easy but then sa piece 4 sharps ? sana may transpose naman . hehehe .. anyway , thank you ! i'll try my best to learn this ..

heide abot said...

hehe eh yun ang key signature na ginamit eh... gudlak ^_^v

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

bkt di ko po madownload? may hinihingi na password :((

Anonymous said...

Can you check out the page 2, I can't download it but the others were fine T.T

vanessamok(tiffany^^) said...

thank you for the sheet~~~~~but how can i get the password for downloading it???

heide abot said...


scroll up dear... before you see the DOWNLOADING SECTION, you should see the PASSWORD or try ctrl+f and type password.

Anonymous said...

Nina is one of my fave OPM singers and I've looked EVERYWHERE for the "proper sheets" for this song so thanks a whole bunch c:

kindly AT LEAST leave a NAME or CODE NAME (lagay mo shaider hehe) don't just use ANONYMOUS so that i can answer your questions directly and BEFORE ASKING ANYTHING... please do read GUIDELINES first.

thank you. xie xie. arigato. kam sah hamnida. gracias. salamat ^_^