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free OPM sheet music by Heide Abot

forevermore by juris mercy and compassion by aia de leon mahal ko o mahal ako by kz tandingan sa'yo by silent sanctuary pare, mahal mo raw ako by michael pangilinan thank you, ang babait ninyo by lyca, darren, jk, darlene

PianistAko pending / requests

my list of pending piano pieces as of 16december2k14 tuesday. if the song that you're looking for is not on this list, type in your request @PianistAko Live! chatango message board or use my comment box below this post! if it's already on this list just wait for me to finish it... if you can't wait, then you may choose to request it using EMS----- it's not free though ^_^

( arranged alphabetically, by title )

  1. 20 minutes before take-off by dan henry
  2. a friend by keno
  3. afraid for love to fade by jose mari chan
  4. akin ka nalang by itchyworms
  5. aking pagmamahal by republikan
  6. ako't ikaw by gary valenciano
  7. ako'y sa'yo at ika'y akin by iaxe
  8. all this time by six part invention
  9. always by marco sison
  10. anak by freddie aguilar
  11. ang langit ko'y ikaw by constacio de guzman
  12. angels brought me here by la diva
  13. answer to my prayer by nikki gil
  14. araw gabi by regine velasquez
  15. awit kay inay by carol banawa 
  16. baby i love your way by migs ayesa
  17. bakit ba ganyan? by dina bonnevie
  18. bakit labis kitang mahal by lea salonga
  19. bakit nga ba mahal kita by laarni lozada
  20. bakit ngayon ka lang by freestyle
  21. bakit pa ba? by jay-r
  22. basta't kasama kita by dingdong avanzado
  23. batang bata ka pa by apo hiking society
  24. be my lady by martin nievera
  25. beautiful girl by christian bautista
  26. beautiful girl by jose mari chan
  27. beautiful in my eyes by jericho rosales
  28. beauty and madness by jed madela 
  29. better world by smokey mountains 
  30. bihag ( 100 days to heaven ost ) by bryan termulo
  31. bituing walang ningning by sarah geronimo
  32. bridges by sitti
  33. bulong by kitchie nadal
  34. burn by nina and christian bautista
  35. can this be love by sarah geronimo
  36. captured by sitti and christian bautista
  37. catch me i'm falling by toni gonzaga
  38. closer you and i by gino padilla
  39. colour everywhere by christian bautista
  40. come back by brown flava
  41. come in and out of the rain by sheryn regis
  42. constantly by nina
  43. crazy for you by mymp
  44. crazy little thing called love by toni gonzaga
  45. crazy love by kim chiu
  46. cry in the rain by orient pearl
  47. 'di na ako aasa pang muli by introvoys
  48. 'di na ganun by yeng constantino
  49. 'di na natuto by noel cabangon
  50. dadalhin by regine velasquez
  51. dahil ikaw by piolo pascual
  52. dahil ikaw by true faith
  53. dahil mahal na mahal kita by rachelle ann go
  54. dahil minahal mo ako by sarah geronimo
  55. dahil sa isang bulaklak by jun polistico  
  56. dehado by maldita
  57. dinner at 6 by bamboo
  58. don't tie me down by kyla
  59. even if by sam concepcion
  60. everlasting love by the company
  61. everything you do by christian bautista
  62. fallin' by lea salonga 
  63. fallin' by regine velasquez
  64. fallin' by sarah geronimo
  65. falling in love by six part invention
  66. farewell by raymond lauchengco
  67. felt so right by sarah geronimo
  68. firewoman by barbie almalbis and kitchie nadal
  69. for all of my life by m.y.m.p.
  70. for the first time by kc concepcion
  71. forever blue by cacai velasquez
  72. forever's not enough by sarah geronimo
  73. forevermore by jed madela
  74. friend of mine by lea salonga
  75. friend of mine by mymp
  76. gaano ko ikaw kamahal by celeste legaspi
  77. gasoline boy by yeng constantino
  78. gaya ng dati by gary valenciano
  79. give me a chance by ric segretto 
  80. habang may buhay by afterimage
  81. habang may buhay by sharon cuneta
  82. hanap hanap ka by basil valdez
  83. hanggang ngayon by jericho rosales
  84. haplos by shamrock
  85. hating gabi by antonio molina
  86. here i am by erik santos
  87. here i am by nina
  88. himala by danita paner
  89. himala by rivermaya
  90. hindi ko kayang iwan ka by sheryn regis
  91. hindi ko na kayang masaktan pa by ogie alcasid
  92. hindi na bale by bugoy drilon
  93. hiram by zsa zsa padilla
  94. how can i by gary valenciano
  95. huling el bimbo by eraserheads
  96. hulog ng langit by donna cruz
  97. huwag ka lang mawawala by ogie alcasid
  98. i believe by jamie rivera
  99. i believe by jimmy bondoc
  100. i can't help myself by toni gonzaga
  101. i don't wanna be your friend by nina
  102. i don't wanna fall by juris fernandez
  103. i love you, goodbye by juris fernandez
  104. i think i'm in love by kuh ledesma
  105. i miss you by kyla
  106. i will be there by kyla
  107. i'll be alright by sarah geronimo
  108. i'll take care of you by richard poon
  109. i'm sorry by jamie rivera
  110. i'm sorry by sarah geronimo 
  111. i've been waiting by toni gonzaga
  112. i've fallen for you by toni gonzaga
  113. if ever you're in my arms again by toni gonzaga
  114. if the feeling is gone by kyla
  115. iingatan ka by carol banawa
  116. ikaw by faith cuneta
  117. ikaw by lea salonga
  118. ikaw by sharon cuneta
  119. ikaw ang buhay ko by piolo pascual
  120. ikaw ang lahat sa akin by martin nievera
  121. ikaw ang lahat sa akin by regine velasquez
  122. ikaw lamang by silent sanctuary
  123. in love with you by regine velasquez and jacky cheung
  124. isang katulad mo by al tabaldo and bernie ann
  125. isang lahi by regine velasquez
  126. it might be you by erik santos
  127. it had to be you toni gonzaga
  128. it only reminds me of you by m.y.m.p.
  129. it's over now by kyla
  130. journey by lea salonga
  131. kahit habang buhay by sam milby and yeng constantino
  132. kahit ika'y panaginip by basil valdez 
  133. kahit konting pagmamahal by rommel gonzaga
  134. kahit konting pagtingin by sharon cuneta
  135. kahit na by zsa zsa padilla
  136. kahit walang sabihin by rico blanco
  137. kailan kaya by sheryn regis
  138. kailangan kita by piolo pascual
  139. kasalanan ko ba by toni gonzaga
  140. kay ganda ng ating musika by hadji alejandro
  141. kisapmata by rivermaya
  142. kung akin ang mundo by erik santos
  143. kung ako na lang sana by bituin escalante
  144. kung iniibig ka niya by laarni lozada
  145. kung maibabalik by letter day story
  146. kung mahawi man ang ulap by sharon cuneta
  147. kung malaya lang ako by kris lawrence
  148. kung pwede lang sana by bugoy drilon
  149. lagi by kiss jane
  150. lagi kitang maaalala by levi celerio 
  151. laging ikaw by jed madela
  152. lapit by yeng constantino
  153. larawang kupas by jerome abalos
  154. later by side a
  155. let the pain remain by side a
  156. let's stay by kuh ledesma
  157. live for love by nonoy zuñiga
  158. love me again by piolo pascual
  159. love moves in mysterious ways by nina
  160. loveteam by itchyworms
  161. loving you by ric segreto
  162. lumayo ka man sa akin by bugoy drilon 
  163. maalala mo sana by shamrock
  164. mahal pa rin kita by jovit baldivino
  165. magandang gabi by nonoy zuñiga
  166. magbalik by callalily
  167. maghihintay by mark alain
  168. maghihintay by yeng constantino
  169. maghihintay sa'yo by dingdong avanzado
  170. maging sino ka man by rey valera
  171. maging sino ka man sharon cuneta 
  172. magkaisa by sarah geronimo
  173. magkaisa by tito sotto
  174. magmula ngayon by ogie alcasid
  175. magpakailanman by wency cornejo
  176. make me whole by kyla
  177. malayo pa ang umaga by aria clemente
  178. mama by lea salonga
  179. mariposa by sugarfree
  180. masaya by bamboo
  181. may tama ako by jay-r siaboc
  182. maybe by king
  183. million miles away by nikki gil
  184. minamahal kita by ogie alcasid
  185. minsan pa by faith cuneta
  186. moments of love by janno gibbs and jennylyn mercado
  187. more than you'll ever know christian bautista
  188. mula sa puso by jude michael
  189. muling ibalik by rockstar
  190. muntik na kitang minahal by the company
  191. my heart has a mind of its own by christian bautista
  192. nag-iisang pangarap by basil valdez
  193. nakapagtataka by mymp
  194. nang dahil sa pag-ibig by bugoy drilon
  195. nanliligaw, naliligaw by lloyd umali
  196. narda by kamikazee
  197. narito by gary valenciano
  198. narito by martin nievera
  199. nasaan ka na by kyla 
  200. natutulog ba ang Diyos by gary valenciano
  201. ngayon at kailanman by basil valdez
  202. ngayon, bukas, kahapon by wency cornejo and rachel alejandro
  203. ngayo'y naririto by jay-r
  204. ngayong nandito ka by divo bayer 
  205. ngiti by jhake vargas
  206. ngiti by ronnie liang
  207. next in line by after image
  208. now that i have you by erik santos and sheryn regis
  209. now that i have you by the company
  210. one more try by kuh ledesma
  211. only reminds me of you by mymp
  212. only with you by toni gonzaga
  213. only world by carol banawa
  214. only you by afterimage 
  215. ordinary song by marc velasco
  216. paano by janno gibbs
  217. paano kita iibigin by piolo pascual and regine velasquez
  218. paano kita mapapasalamatan by sarah geronimo
  219. pag-ibig ko'y pansinin by faith cuneta
  220. pag-ibig na kaya by rachelle ann go and christian bautista
  221. pag-uwi by martin nievera
  222. pagdating ng panahon by aiza sequerra
  223. pagkat mahal kita by bugoy drilon 
  224. pagkakataon by shamrock
  225. paglisan by color it red
  226. pain in my heart by second wind
  227. pakisabi na lang by the company
  228. panaginip lamang by piolo pascual
  229. panalangin by apo hiking society 
  230. panakip butas by hadji alejandro
  231. pangako by regine velasquez
  232. pangako ko by oj mariano
  233. pangarap ko ang ibigin ka (acoustic) by regine velasquez
  234. pangarap na bituin by faith cuneta
  235. para sa masa by eraserheads
  236. para sa'yo ang laban na 'to by manny pacquiao
  237. parang si ely buendia by soapdish
  238. paraiso by smokey mountain
  239. parol by silent sanctuary
  240. parting time by erik santos
  241. peng you by kim chiu 
  242. perfect world by toni gonzaga
  243. please be careful with my heart jose mari chan
  244. porque by maldita
  245. promise me by lea salonga
  246. pusong ligaw by jericho rosales
  247. rain by donna cruz
  248. rainbow by south border
  249. sa isip ko by agot isidro
  250. sa piling mo by sheryn regis
  251. sa'yo lamang by joey albert
  252. sa'yo lamang by juris fernandez
  253. sa'yo lamang by mymp
  254. sa iyo by sarah geronimo 
  255. sakaling malimutan ka by carol banawa
  256. salamin ng buhay by basil valdez
  257. sana by shamrock 
  258. sana ay mahalin mo rin ako by april boy regino
  259. sana ikaw by erik santos
  260. sana ikaw by piolo pascual
  261. sana maulit muli by gary valenciano 
  262. sana'y malaman mo by oj mariano
  263. sana'y wala nang wakas by sharon cuneta
  264. say that you love me by kyla and jr
  265. say that you love me by martin nievera
  266. say you'll never go by erik santos
  267. say you'll never go by neocolors
  268. sa'yo by maldita
  269. sa'yo lamang by m.y.m.p.
  270. she was mine by aj rafael
  271. sino ang baliw by kuh ledesma 
  272. sino nga ba siya by sarah geronimo
  273. someone like you by lea salonga 
  274. somewhere down the road by nina
  275. starlit nights by aj rafael
  276. stay by cueshe
  277. stay by m.y.m.p.
  278. sukob na by aiza seguerra 
  279. 'till my heartaches end by carol banawa
  280. tagumpay nating lahat by lea salonga
  281. take me i'll follow toni gonzaga 
  282. take me out of the dark by gary valenciano 
  283. takip silim by kc concepcion
  284. tamis ng unang halik by tina paner
  285. tanging mahal by regine velasquez
  286. tanging yaman by agot isidro
  287. tao lang ako by yeng constantino
  288. tell me by regine velasquez and ariel rivera
  289. tell me by side a
  290. takipsilim by kc concepcion
  291. the gift by piolo pascual
  292. the past by jed madela
  293. this time by freestyle
  294. till i met you by kuh ledesma
  295. till the end by six part invention
  296. to be near you by viktoria
  297. to reach you by regine velasquez
  298. torete by moonstar88
  299. tunay kitang minamahal by piolo pascual
  300. tunay na ligaya by ariel rivera
  301. tuyo na'ng damdamin by silent sanctuary
  302. ulan by cueshe
  303. umaasa lang sa'yo by six part invention
  304. 'wag kang magtatanong by yeng constantino 
  305. walang hanggan by wency cornejo and cookie chua
  306. walang hanggang paalam by joey ayala
  307. walang kapalit by piolo pascual
  308. walang kapantay by rey valera
  309. warrior is a child - gary valenciano
  310. we belong by toni gonzaga
  311. we could be in love by lea salonga and brad kane
  312. when i met you by apo hiking society
  313. with a smile by eraserheads
  314. who was i? by juris fernandez
  315. why do i love you by metafour
  316. without you by after image 
  317. yakap by abe abe
  318. yesterday's dream by donna cruz
  319. you are my song by regine velasquez
  320. your love by erik santos
  321. your song by parokya ni edgar
  322. yugto by rico blanco
  323. yun ka by willie revillame

ang dami na pala mygeleged ^_^ dibale matatapos ko rin lahat yan sooonnnnnnnnn *fingers and toes crossed*. anyways, to be even more productive, i've decided that some of the songs listed here will be arranged in simplified piano solo that is if the song comprises mostly of loud percussion/string instruments other than piano.

oh, btw... pakiusap lang po sa mga nagrerequest ng songs lalo na yung gagamitin sa wedding, kung maaari lamang po sana na kapag magre-request kayo, gumamit kayo ng pangalan sa chatango PianistAko Live! or better if you'd register a name before leaving comments/requests, ilagay nyo na rin yung date kung kailan ang wedding para matantsa ko kung pwede sa schedule ko or hindi para hindi ako mahihirapan kung alin ang ipa-prioritize ko in case na maisingit ko yung songs ninyo... 'wag nyo na ako pahirapan pwede! tutulungan ko na nga kayo pahihirapan ninyo pa ako! hehehehehe or if hindi kayo makapaghintay, just choose my EXPRESS MUSIC SHEET aka EMS option tulong ninyo na sa akin para makabili na ako ng piano weeeeeee ^_^v

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20 kontrabulates:

Karla said...

Hi! This is such a nice thing that you're doing... Kung may time ka, request ko sana ang "Could you be Messiah" by Gary V. Pangarap kong matugtog yun sa piano e...hehe... thanks so much and more power! :D

reynaldo labrador jr said...

thank you for sharing your talent with us.
pa-request po sana ng Himig Ng Pag-Ibig by Asin, simplified piano version.
thank you so much and more power!!

Highly apprciated!!

C said...

I'm requesting for Simpleng Tulad Mo by Daniel Padilla :) Please po. Hehe. Super cute kasi ng melody ng song. Sa Fated To Love You ko naririnig yun.

Ang dami ko din nagustuhang transcriptions dito sa site. Thank you so much and more power!

Ryan said...

Good day
Ask ko lang po if available yung Kundiman-Silent Sanctuary (melody)
Wala po kasi sya sa list sa available pero meron syang piano tutorial
Thank You!

King Joshua Montayre said...

Winter Sonata - My Memory po ate Heide. huhu di po eto OPM, KDrama OST po eto, pakinggan nlng po nyo muna, sobrang napakaganda neto, PROMISE, saglit lng naman makinig eh. haha SALAMAT PO NG SOBRA-SOBRA, kahit pakinggan nyo nlng muna :) GOD bless you ate Heide, more powers to you and your sites.


Anonymous said...

Back at one by Brian Mcknight pleease

Anonymous said...

hello po...request po sana ako ng piano chords ng Pangako mo by Jeremiah.
thank you!


Anonymous said...

Galing ng site mo ate heide. .sna magkaroon ka ng kantang ikaw by Kris Lawrence. .un ln po tnk u. . .

Anonymous said...

how to download sir ??

Unknown said...

Sana po yung Parol by Silent Sanctuary, magawa nyo na po. :) hehe. May highschool reunion po kasi kami, tutugtog po ako Violin. :) hehe. More power po.

Enn said...

One last cry by Nina

Enn said...

Pasensya Ka na by Silent Sanctuary

mark anthony p. bola said...

Pasensya ka na by silent sanctuary po

Ryan said...

Thanks for sharing your talent this is highly appreciated. Aspiring pianist po ako. Can you please do me a simplified version of Kay Tagal by Rachel Alejandro. I would really love to learn to play this song. Salamat!

Vincent Pascua said...

Hi po request ko lang po sana yung "kahit ika'y panaginip by basil valdez" pwede po bang palitan nyo na lang? Gawin nyo na lang po sana yung piano version nung kay Nyoy Volante na cover hehe (Here is a sample po: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnWB954-Rzc") Mas maganda po yung version na yan :))))

VMBarroga said...

Pa request naman po Tuloy pa rin by Neocolours po =)

Anonymous said...

Pa-request naman po ng tutorial video ng "A very special love" by Sarah Geronimo...Para sa love one ko lang :)

Sinag ng Araw said...

Pa-request po ako ng tutorial video ng "A very Special love" By Sarah Geronimo...Para sa love one ko lang

vic parpados said...

maybe by king or neocolours pls pls pls pls

Florodel Agoot said...

sabay tayo by karylle
piano music sheet

kindly AT LEAST leave a NAME or CODE NAME (lagay mo shaider hehe) don't just use ANONYMOUS so that i can answer your questions directly and BEFORE ASKING ANYTHING... please do read GUIDELINES first.

thank you. xie xie. arigato. kam sah hamnida. gracias. salamat ^_^