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accompaniment tutorial no. 1 - two words by lea salonga

OPM tutorial video accompaniment no.1: two words by lea salonga

story telling muna.... =)
at last, the long wait is over especially for beginners in piano playing [ also for those who are slow ( or not ) sight readers of sheet music ]. ^_^v

originally, my plan was to create another set of piano sheet music for beginners, then add video tutorials online if... my schedule is not that hectic anymore ( but i doubt the latter! lelz ). given that i'm super busy, i'm pretty sure  it'll take some time before i can add easy piano scores (and online piano tutorials) here at PianistAko. i have around 150+ pending piano music sheets listed here and another 40 listed on my notepad... plus, i have PianistAkOnline whew! good luck to me! hahaha =)

this past few weeks, i've been thinking on how to help those people who can't read scores or just too lazy to study the basics in playing the piano and reading sheet music.... as in yung mga mahihilig magshortcut! pati yan binibigay ninyo pang problema sa akin... mga spoiled! kasalan ko ba kung hindi kayo marunong magbasa ng piyesa?! hehehehe *peace* and ito nga, my head is full of ideas and i don't know what to do first, what to prioritize... so, this entire holy week, ito lang ang inatupag ko. talagang penitensya kung penitensya to the highest level. mind you it's not that easy to make tutorials, create/edit videos, provide visuals and illustrations, lahat na! jusme hahaha sometimes, napapaisip ako kung ano bang koneksyon nito sa tinapos kong course. wala! hihi ^_^v

what's new at PianistAko....
after OPM piano sheet music, downloadable mp3's ( where i based my piano music sheets) , piano chords, piano lessons online... now comes an online piano tutorial video per sheet music posted here at PianistAko. since unfortunately, i still haven't bought a piano ( ayaw ninyo kasi akong tulungan by donating para makabili nako eh! =p ), i thought of using another software ( at hindi rin madaling yugto ito ng buhay ko lulz ilang araw akong gising sa pagko-configure todoooo na 'to ) to provide you the visuals as in para makita ninyo which keys are played... in slow motion! ang po-problemahin nyo nalang eh kung kaya ninyo bang i-memorize/matutunan/i-play ang isang piano piece just by watching a video hahaha pero kaya nyo yan basta gusto nyo =)

starting today, i'll be posting a video ( piano tutorial ) on every song na natapos ko na gawin kasi ginagawa ko pa po yung ibang video... it's been a week since i've started this project at home kasi  hinahanap ko yung tamang settings pati sa youtube trial and error yung paguupload ko para hindi crappy yung hitsura. you can watch everything on my youtube channel.  click HD for a better view. literal na pinasakit nito ang ulo ko... so i hope that you will all appreciate yet another helpful and informative post by yours truly here at PianistAko. ^_^v

click the video to play in HD

two words by lea salonga
transcribed/arranged by heideabot

these piano tutorial videos found here at PianistAko are intentionally played in slow motion... i've reduced the tempo to 50%. kaya before you complain why the tempo here sa video is so slow eh sana nakakabasa ka ng alphabet para nababasa mo ang mga notifications ko tulad nito haha ^_^v

in downloading this tutorial video ( same goes for opm music sheets/mp3's ), you are agreeing that it'll be used solely for PERSONAL, EDUCATIONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL purposes only.

help PianistAko by sharing this site to others instead. enjoy ^_^v

OPM piano sheet music of this song can be downloaded HERE
for piano chords, download it HERE
for instructions on how to download the music sheet ( GUIDELINES ), read it HERE
to download the sample audio in .mp3 format, click HERE
don't know how to read piano sheets? learn how to play the piano for free, click HERE

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