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Want to win Php 150,000.00, a recording contract with MCA Music Inc., and more just by doing something you love? Join the Sun BROADBAND QUEST where broad music styles battle it out to be the top all-original university band of 2013. Powered by your Consistent, Fast and Reliable internet connection, Sun Broadband. Aba, baka this is your time to shine mga marekoys and parekoys!

SUN BROADBAND QUEST. Battle of the Bands 2013.

The growing need for online content is currently evolving in the world of our young target market, SUN Broadband launched a new product to provide all-original, non-pirated music through The Sun Broadband Entertainment Stick. The Sun Broadband Quest will be used to spearhead promotional efforts for the Entertainment Sticks.


1. SUN BROADBAND QUEST is open to all unsigned and amateur bands composed of college students in the Philippines between the ages of sixteen ( 16 ) to twenty-six ( 26 ) at the time of joining and with a minimum of three ( 3 ) and a maximum of five ( 5 ) members. ATLEAST 2 MEMBERS OF THE BAND MUST BE CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN ANY COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY; WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE VOCALIST/S, BANDS MUST PLAY THEIR SONGS USING MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS; each band member must be part of only one competing band.

2. Unsigned bands shall refer to bands that do not have any record label agreement or contracts with major or independent record labels. Should a band decide to enter into any such agreement or contract with a record label during the competition, said band shall be automatically disqualified from the contest; and

3. During the duration and at any stage of the promotion, SUN BROADBAND reserves the right to disqualify bands for failing to qualify with the abovementioned qualifications. The decision of SUN BROADBAND on this matter is final.


1. Purchase a SUN BROADBAND [E]ntertainment Stick / SIM card / prepaid kit / postpaid subscription ( one per band ).

2. Register Online at http://www.sunbroadband.ph/bandquest by using the Sun Broadbnd Mobile number or SIM number that will be provided with the purchase of any of the aforementioned Broadband products.

a. All members of the band must fill in his/her full name, university/college where he/she’s currently enrolled ( if applicable), email address and mobile number;

3. Upload the following:

a. Each band must submit one ( 1 ) video recording of their band’s all-original song and one ( 1 ) video recording of a cover version of any song by any band of their choice as long as the genre is not heavy metal. Videos should be in MPEG, MP4 and FLV format and should not exceed 50mb. Videos should not exceed 5 minutes.

4. Deadline of submission of entries is on June 15, 2013.


The top ten ( 10 ) bands will be selected based on the criteria below:

Initial Selection ( Online Demos ) Criteria:

40 % Song Composition ( lyrical content, execution, song message )
20 % Voice Quality ( vocal range, melody, communication )
20 % Musicality ( individual musical skills and dynamics )
20 % Performance / Showmanship ( X-factor, group dynamics, marketability, appearance and looks, over-all audience impact )
100 % Total


The top ten ( 10 ) band’s original composition will be made accessible through the SUN BROADBAND website for online voting. Online personality constitutes 20% of the overall Grand Finals SUNBROADBAND QUEST scores.

Voting Mechanics:

To vote, one must go to http://www.sunbroadband.ph/bandquest. He/she must like the Sun Broadband Facebook page first. This site will contain a portal where anyone can vote for the band of their choice. One can only vote once during the campaign period. There will be a summary of the scores of all the participating bands for the public’s viewing.

The results of the voting and the winner shall be announced on http://www.sunbroadband.ph/bandquest. The declaration of the winner by SUN BROADBAND is final.


The contest will be culminated by way of a big concert as the grand finals which will be held on July 12, 2013 at the Music Museum in Greenhills. All participating bands will perform their all-original song for the public and the judges’ final viewing. Announcement of the winners and prizes will be conducted on this day.

A panel of judges composed of four ( 4 ) members – of which two ( 2 ) are from MCA Universal, one ( 1 ) from Sun Cellular and one ( 1 ) music icon in the industry – shall select the top ten ( 10 ) bands using the following criteria:

20 % Online personality ( online website / appeal, general online audience
impact )
20 % Originality ( lyrical content, originality of music and melody,
instruments )
30 % Musicality ( individual musical skills and dynamics )
30 % Performance / Showmanship ( X-factor, group dynamics, marketability, appearance and looks, over-all audience impact )
100 % Total


Top 10 Band Finalists – Professional Coaching at the Broadband Quest Workshop;
2nd Runner Up – Professional Coaching at the Broadband Quest Workshop and Php 25,000.00 cash prize;
1st Runner Up – Professional Coaching at the Broadband Quest Workshop and Php 50,000.00 cash prize;
Grand Winner – Professional Coaching at the Broadband Quest Workshop, Band Album, Gigs & Original Music Video and Php 150,000.00 cash prize.


June 15, 2013 – Deadline of Entry Submission
June 19, 2013 – Selection of Top 10 bands
June 22, 2013 – Top 10 Finalists Announcement
June 22 to July 11, 2013 – Voting Online period
July 12, 2013 – Grand Finals

*This is a partnership between MCA Universal and Sun Broadband and that this partnership intends to promote Original Pilipino Music and local talents and at the same time fight piracy.*

For more info, please visit:

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*disclaimer: this is a nuffnang sponsored post*

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