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Save your $2.50 per sheet music
free OPM sheet music by Heide Abot

forevermore by juris mercy and compassion by aia de leon mahal ko o mahal ako by kz tandingan sa'yo by silent sanctuary pare, mahal mo raw ako by michael pangilinan thank you, ang babait ninyo by lyca, darren, jk, darlene

PianistAko Frequently Asked Questions

let's face it, finding Original Pilipino Music aka OPM songs sheet music or tagalog piano scores or filipino piano pieces is such a pain in the *ss haha o_O barely available and sometimes impossible to find, how much more if you're looking for FREE copies of it. frustrating isn't it? and i know how that feels. arrrggghhh

sure, you may find some piano scores, those that are available at national bookstores, powerbooks, etc., but most of it ( if not all ) are easy/simplified piano sheet music ( simplified piano solos ) or old songs, hardly have latest songs. don't get me wrong, i'm not belittling those scores and its arrangers. for some time, i used to buy those piano sheets during my beginner phase ( like 20 years ago hehe ) it's just that there are times ( or there will come a time ) that you would want to play a score, just exactly ( if not accurate ) as you hear it from the radio/audio. if you're lucky enough, you'd come across sites which offers OPM/tagalog/filipino piano scores, BUT there's a catch, you HAVE TO PAY for it roughly around $2 - $5 a piece. ( that's understandable though hehe ).

well, goodnews! here at PianistAko, i'm offering ALL of my piano sheets for FREE ( piano accompaniment arrangements and simplified piano solos ). i've been doing my own piano scores for years but only for personal use. now, you can download it anytime you want but please, before you complain, READ! although most of my explanations are written in tagalog, some of the main thoughts are written in english. i'm not asking for too much. all you have to do is read especially my GUIDELINES for this site.

for instructions on how to download and any other concerns, read frequently asked questions below. click the question to expand. thank you! ^_^v

Q. HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE SHEET MUSIC? *this is sooooooooooooo important!!!!*

A. before downloading anything, i'd like to remind everyone that i've categorized the sheet music per ARTISTs / SINGERs / PERFORMERs so, in order to find the sheet music that you want, just click the NAME of the ARTIST/SINGER/PERFORMER located at my SINGERS / ARTISTS section.

IF you don't know the NAME of the ARTIST, use my SEARCH ENGINE for the title or lyrics or anything...

IF you still can't find the song that you're looking for... take a look at my pending list of OPM piano sheet music under ON QUEUE OPM SHEET MUSIC, where i've placed in alphabetical order all those songs requested by all of you for me to transcribe/arrange.

IF the song that you're looking for is on the list of pending piano sheet music, all you have to do is WAIT... wait for me to finish it....

IF the song is not on the list of pending piano sheet music, you can choose to request it by leaving a message using my chatango message board PianistAko Live! keep in mind that i'm only entertaining OPM / tagalog / filipino songs ( or any songs popularized by our OPM artists ). i'm into PIANO ACCOMPANIMENT but will gradually add simplified piano solo arrangements.

YEHEY, you've found the song... all you have to do is:

STEP 1 find the DOWNLOAD HERE section and below this are the page links. don't forget to take note of the password. place the mouse cursor on the page number link of the song that you'd like to download. click and wait for the intermission page to load. before clicking anything, do take note of the password. again, DON'T FORGET TO TAKE NOTE OF THE PASSWORD!!! paulit-ulit?!?! lelz ( click the thumbmail/s to give you an idea )


STEP 2 once you see the intermission page, click the "SKIP AD" button and wait for mediafire to load.

UPDATE: CAN'T DOWNLOAD from MEDIAFIRE as of 26february2k12: just follow this step:

in order to download my sheet music, instead of clicking the SKIP AD button, you must drag the SKIP AD button to your address bar and voila!!!! you can now proceed to the next step :)


UPDATE: temporary solution as of 26february2k12
if you can't download the sheet music after clicking SKIP AD

STEP 3 enter the password required ( found within my post or published entry or the page where the page links of the song are located. ps. tignan mo nga ulit si STEP 1 if hindi mo makita kung saan nakasulat si PASSWORD na yan pambihira! lalz ) and click Unlock File.


STEP 4 click the Download button.

STEP 5 just choose whether you'd want to SAVE or OPEN it with a .pdf reader... make sure you have Adobe Reader ( or any other .PDF reader ) installed on your PC. ( free download of .PDF reader HERE )


as simple as that.


if you'll be printing the sheet music, use the GRAYSCALE option on your printer... if you are to share my sheet music please... just make a direct link or create a link back to my site instead... DO NOT RE-POST / RE-UPLOAD these sheet music anywhere else. you can already download it here for free anyways! show me some love by granting my only favor! hehe ^_^v

also, don't worry much about the pop-ups from LINKBUCKS and ZIDDU / ADF.LY... those are just advertisements... just close the pop-up ads or turn your pop-up blocker on... I'M NOT REQUIRING YOU TO ANSWER ANY SURVEYS nor to DOWNLOAD ANY SOFTWARES, so if a page like that appears while typing in the codes and asked you to fill it up, just close that page. you are only required to type in the letters/numbers on the verification box. that's the only time you'd be using your keyboard hehe. close any pages other than the verification page. i do download some of my files from time to time to check if there are any suspicious activities from these 2 file hosting sites and so far i've encountered none. download the files without worries okie... read OPEN LETTER for more details about it.

and in downloading the piano music sheets you are agreeing that it may be used SOLELY for PERSONAL, EDUCATIONAL and NON-COMMERCIAL purposes only.

Q. what's the difference between a piano accompaniment and a piano solo arrangement?

A. piano accompaniments are usually the background music that you hear accompanying the soloist in any given song. it's like you have a minus one version of the song notated for any pianists/musicians to play. the sheet music is divided into two parts: one for the voice / melody part and one for the piano accompaniment part. i added the voice / melody part to be used as guide to the accompaniment, especially if you're not familiar with the song that you're playing.

piano solo on the other hand is like the instrumental version of a particular song. the voice / melody part is incorporated to the piano accompaniment. it's like a singing accompaniment. you don't need a singer to perform this type of pieces. this type of arrangement is much easier to do than the piano accompaniment version. as much as possible, my piano accompaniment arrangements are as close as possible to the actual song.

Q. why did you put the sheet music separately, why can't you just upload it in one ( 1 ) .pdf file?

A. good question! well, i know it'll be less annoying on your part if i just upload one ( 1 ) .pdf file per song but you see, sometimes, human errors are inevitable. so, for me to have an easier job in replacing certain pages that have corrections, i've decided to upload the pages separately and will only replace the page with errors / corrections instead of replacing the entire piano piece only because of a wrong note on a certain bar, a missing measure, etc. this works for me best so i'm sticking with it.

Q. are these sheet music the original piano scores used by the artists?

A. no, but if you play ( correctly ) and hear it you will notice that there's not much of a difference at all ^_^v

Q. are these sheet music for beginners or advanced users?

A. these piano scores are not the simplified version unless specified. so, NO, it's not for beginners BUT you can learn how to play it through practice, practice, practice x 9999999999 times ^_^v ( practice makes perfect! )

Q. where did you get your sheet music?

A. for those people who find reading what's inside a blog a bit tiresome and f.y.i. mga MAREKOY's and PAREKOY's... i made every single piano piece/piano score/music sheet in this blog site. I DID NOT and NEVER COPIED any of it from another sheet music or from another arranger/transcriber... I DID NOT edit these piano scores from midi files. i made it all from scratch, manually transcribing each note that i hear. so, it's all from me ^_^v ( don't even think of copying my transcriptions. don't attempt to claim any of my scores. i know my work lagot ka! hehe ^_^v)

Q. how will i know which piano version of the song used in the music sheets?

A. the name of the artists/singers are seen on every first page of the sheet / piano scores. the description of the song can be seen on each blog entry. so, different artists/singers... different arrangements.

Q. okay, i've downloaded the sheet music but how will i know if i'm playing it right or if i'm doing the right thing?

A. well, i've provided sample audio/mp3 for each sheet music post entry merely as a guide ( from tempo, dynamics, flow of the song, everything ) since i've based my transcriptions/arrangements from it so you can choose to click/play those songs and compare... or you can buy the albums of our OPM artists and listen to it... ^_^v

Q. every how often do you update the site with piano scores?

A. it depends. it can vary from a day to even 2-3 weeks depending on the difficulty of the song or my availability. i have a job/work to attend to you know ^_^ just visit the site every now and then or you can choose to SUBSCRIBE to PianistAko or FOLLOW THIS BLOG to alert you with any updates/posts.

Q. i don't know how to read notes but i want to play these music sheets. can you teach me how to read notes and play the piano?

A. well, doing these music sheets alone is very time consuming already. it eats up most of my free time now so, one-on-one tutorials or even video tutorials is impossible for me to do at this moment. however, i'm currently doing an online piano tutorial/lesson where a newbie or anyone who wants to learn how to read notes and play the piano can benefit from it. you can visit my other site for more details PianistAkOnline.

update 04april2k10:
i've started posting piano tutorial videos on each song. so do check that out ^_^v

Q. i would like to post/upload these piano music sheets to my website/blog (or any file server host) and share it to other people as well. can i do that?

A. well, there's nothing wrong with sharing. actually, that's one of the reasons why i've put up this music blog site... to share these piano scores to all of you BUT if you wish to share my sheet music to others, just create/place the link of my site PianistAko instead. since i'm offering all of these for free ( instead of putting my scores commercially ) i think it's fair for me to request to all of you NOT to RE-POST / RE-UPLOAD these piano sheet music. bear in mind that if my files are inactive or no download activity for a certain period of time, it will be automatically deleted from the file hosting site of my choice and i don't have the luxury of ( free ) time to re-upload my files everytime it gets deleted. YOU can POST the link but NOT the SHEET MUSIC. if you want me to continue sharing OPM music sheets then comply with my TERMS OF USE. if someone asks you where did you get these piano music sheets, tell them. let them download the files here themselves.

for instance: if you're using PianoFiles to trade sheet music and somebody asks you for a certain OPM sheet music ( from PianistAko ), you can give them the link of PianistAko instead and let them download the files directly on this site. just like what i did when you asked for a song from my list, i sent you the link of my site instead. you've downloaded the files here so let them do the same. gantihan lang hahaha nahirapan akong gumawa, nahirapan kang mag-download, pahirapan mo rin silang mag-download hehehehe ^_^v

no re-uploading/re-posting of these music sheets on file hosting/sharing/trading sites like 4shared, ziddu, scribd, sheetmusictrade, etc. etc. etc. pinaka-tulong ninyo na ito sa'kin ^_^v

Q. is it free?

A. yes, it is. i'm not charging anyone for this. just a little THANK YOU comment or RATE the sheet music so that i would know if you liked it or not... or you can press the DONATE button below my profile and share some blessings. it'll be added to my piano fund. so basically, that's it! ^_^v

Q. who are you?

A. who? me? hehe are you sure you wanna know?! ^_^ i'm just your friendly neighborhood ha! ha! ha!

i only have one ( 1 ) request na paulit ulit kong sinasabi... DO NOT RE-POST / RE-UPLOAD these piano pieces ( if you are to share it online, just create a link redirecting back here at PianistAko ). i don't care about other piano pieces that you share online ( aside from the fact that most of it are published sheet music and are copyrighted or i didn't transcribe those ) hehe ^_^v so, yeah... if you want my piano sheet music to remain FREE, eh just grant my only favor. ^_^v


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