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Save your $2.50 per sheet music
free OPM sheet music by Heide Abot

forevermore by juris mercy and compassion by aia de leon mahal ko o mahal ako by kz tandingan sa'yo by silent sanctuary pare, mahal mo raw ako by michael pangilinan thank you, ang babait ninyo by lyca, darren, jk, darlene

PianistAko to whom it may concern


i know pop-up/intermission advertisements or ads ( e.g. linkbucks / adf.ly ziddu ) are oftentimes irritating/annoying but sometimes being tolerant with all those so-called ADS can be the only way YOU can return the favor/thanking the host/PianistAko for providing FREE downloadable piano sheet music.

with this note, i can give YOU only 2 ( two ) BIG options/choices to consider with regards to DOWNLOADING/LEECHING THE SHEET MUSIC FOUND ON THIS SITE:

FIRST: i can put all the song pages of a particular song in 1 pdf file ( so as to minimize pop-up or intermission advertisements per song ) PROVIDED that you are willing to pay for each piano sheet music... meaning it's NOT FREE TO DOWNLOAD ANYMORE which is sad;


SECOND: remain everything as is with all those so-called annoying BUT helpful pop-up ads/intermission ads/ ( for me and this site ) ibig sabihin ALL DOWNLOADABLE FILES will continue to be FREE OF CHARGE

REMEMBER... i'm not paid to do this. kawang gawa nga ito. i would just like to share what i know i'm capable of doing since marami sa ating mga pinoy ang naghahanap ng OPM sheet music which is unfortunately MAHIRAP MAHANAP or KAHIT BILHIN sa tabi-tabi dahil wala naman halos nagtitiyaga pang gumawa ng mga piyesa lalo na ang OPM music... it's written naman on the ABOUT area or the F.A.Q's area all about this site. babasahin nalang to answer most of your questions...

PLEASE NOTE that I DON'T and WILL NEVER put anything ( may it be worms / trojans / viruses / adwares / spywares / etc. ) on my files that would jeopordize my site as a whole... i've worked hard for all of these so why would i allow it to be compromised =) however, since i'm using 3rd party ad networks like ziddu /linkbucks / etc., be aware that most of them have advertisers that promotes different sites which also sponsors those 3rd party networks mentioned... they're just hosting my files. if you're hesitant to download anything from this site, feel free to check it first using a site checker. always practice SAFE-BROWSING. USER-EDUCATION is key here in the World Wide Web. and lastly... just a little THANK YOU COMMENTS or RATE the files or send DONATIONS from the bottom of your BIG HEART and GENEROSITY, with that i'm already contented with a BIG SMILE on my face ^_________^

i'm hoping that YOU will understand. it's not easy to write/transcribe/arrange a sheet music or piano score to begin with promiseeee!!!! masakit talaga sa bangs hahahaha gusto ko lang makatulong in my own little way!!! yeeehaaa pero sana tulungan niyo rin ako! ^_~

i appreciate all YOUR comments, suggestions and even criticisms in helping this site. i wish for YOUR continuous patronage and hoping that this site can help you in any way possible. MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO ^_^v



ps. MORAL LESSON: matuto po kayo MAG-BASA for a change hehehe it can save you from stress instead na magreklamo pa kayo bakit ganito, bakit ganyan, bakit bakit bakit hahaha ENJOY ^_^v