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martin nievera - promise of love

OPM sheet music no. 25: one of the beautiful wedding songs ni martin nievera... i haven't heard of this song for a while now sa mga weddings nowadays eh... it's a classic song na nga para sa akin. pero ngayon ko lang din nagawan ng piano score...

ps. requested by marlax24

btw, the actual audio/mp3 below where i based my transcriptions are just guide ( tempo, dynamics, flow of the song, etc. ) for the piano players/musicians. support our OPM artists by buying their album.

LISTEN to this song...

promise of love
sung by martin nievera
composed by louie ocampo
password: 012709


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sung by martin nievera

i kneel beside you here today
i kneel beside you and i pray that it's you, it's only you
who will share my tomorrows and yesterdays

i searched a lifetime and found you,
a bridge to forever i share with you
open your heart and let me in as i give you this promise of love

i heard an angel say your name
now i know my world's not the same
a little heaven is what you are
as we dream a thousand dreams not so far

and may the blessings of our Lord above
His light will guide us with a love for you and me forevermore
as i give you this promise of love

now that i have you for my own as God is our witness never let me go
feel the love grow as we become one
one hand, one heart we are one soul

i stand before you just a man
i need your help to understand what is life without you
as i promise you this day and forever this promise of love
this promise of love.

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3 kontrabulates:

Anonymous said...

It's like a dream come true..exagge eh noh?! @_@ pero super thank you for sharing.. I can play it na at my wedding.. =D --precious--

heide abot said...

wala pong anuman... best wishes sa'yo ^_^v

Anonymous said...

hindi na po gumagana yung link sa pag download. XD

kindly AT LEAST leave a NAME or CODE NAME (lagay mo shaider hehe) don't just use ANONYMOUS so that i can answer your questions directly and BEFORE ASKING ANYTHING... please do read GUIDELINES first.

thank you. xie xie. arigato. kam sah hamnida. gracias. salamat ^_^