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nonoy zuniga - never ever say goodbye

OPM sheet music no. 96: oldies muna tayo... this song is not really my favorite pero how can i not love this song.... from the flow ng music, to the lyrics ng song diba? so, it really pumped me up to finish this last last last week pa... kaso hindi ko kagad maasikaso na mai-upload... now, whenever i feel like i need a break, ito tinutugtog ko kahit paulit ulit kasi masaya naman ang mga tao dito dahil alam nila yung song... hinihintay pa nga ata nila yung matud nila hahaha hindi kasi sila makarelate sa baby, baby, baby ohhhh like baby, baby, baby oohhhh ni justin bieber ( kahit naman ako hindi ako mahilig sa mga ganun hehehe )...

this song contains a lot of tempo changes, actually hindi ko na halos inisa-isa kasi depende naman talaga on how you interpret and play the song, pero naglagay pa rin ako sa mga obvious parts na may change of tempo. so, i hope you'll like this. classic tagalog song at its best! makagawa nga ulit ng oldies mamaya... pag hindi tinopak! ^_^v

btw, the actual audio/mp3 below where i based my transcriptions are just guide ( tempo, dynamics, flow of the song, etc. ) for the piano players/musicians. support our OPM artists by buying their album.

LISTEN to this song...

never ever say goodbye
sung by nonoy zuñiga
composed by willy cruz
lyrics by willy cruz
password: 090810


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sung by nonoy zuñiga

night after night we sleep together
sharing lovely moments that spell forever
day after day our love gets stronger
growing every minute that we get closer
if we ever have to say goodbye
and go our own separate ways
i wouldn't know how to get by on my own
after all the love and passion you have shown

i'll never say goodbye no matter how they try
to show me love won't last if we're prisoners caught in our past.
don't let your tears run dry. no need for you to cry.
i promise i will stay i'm with you all the way.
in time they'll soon forget that you and i once met.
as long as deep inside i know it's love not pride
then i will never say, ever say goodbye

i'll never say goodbye, there are no reasons why.
our souls are so entwined, there is us, not you and i.
our friends will soon regret, regretting we once met
because we'll show them all with love we can walk tall
and we will never say, ever say goodbye

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