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forevermore by juris mercy and compassion by aia de leon mahal ko o mahal ako by kz tandingan sa'yo by silent sanctuary pare, mahal mo raw ako by michael pangilinan thank you, ang babait ninyo by lyca, darren, jk, darlene

rivermaya - 214

OPM sheet music no. 125: sa wakasssssss natapos ko na rin ito!!!!! not because sobrang hirap but because nakakatamad gawin kasi unang-una gitara kaya ang main instrument dito haha second, ang dami kong kailangan i-notate kaya everytime na binubuksan ko yung file, i ended up staring at it for 2 minutes tapos iko-close ko na ulit... katamad talaga! lol

i've started this piece like september 2010 pa, pero this week lang ako ginanahan na tapusin kasi tinutubuan na siya ng amag sa pc ko haha.... this ain't a super duper easy piece pero like the usual, just get the pattern ng left hand for the rhythm... be sure to listen to the song first kasi hindi ko nilayo yung areglo dun. tutorials will be up this weekend pa siguro. i'm still doing 4 songs na wala pang melody part kaya tapusin ko muna habang nasa mood ako!

anyways, i've updated my PENDING list this week, and i've decided that for some songs na hindi naman piano ang main accompaniment or mas nangingibabaw ang ibang instruments other than piano, i will consider arranging it first in simplified solo nalang then if i feel doing the accompaniment version tsaka ko nalang gagawin but for most of the songs sa ON QUEUE OPM SHEET MUSIC, piano accompaniment pa rin ang gagawin ko... masyado na kasi marami eh 300+ na kaya! hahaha hindi naman nasasangla ang eyebags... malas! lalz ^_^v have a great rainy weekend ^_^v

btw, the actual audio/mp3 below where i based my transcriptions are just guide ( tempo, dynamics, flow of the song, etc. ) for the piano players/musicians. support our OPM artists by buying their album.

LISTEN to this song...

sung by rivermaya
composed by rico blanco
lyrics by rico blanco
password: 062411


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page 1
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sung by rivermaya

am i real? do the words i speak before you make feel
that the love i have for you will see no ending?
well, if you look into my eyes then you should know
that there is nothing here to doubt nothing to fear
and you can lay your questions down cause if you'll hold me
we can fade into the night and you'll know

the world could die and everything may lie
still you shan't cry
'cause time may pass but longer than it'll last
i'll be by your side

take my hand and gently close your eyes so you could understand
that there's no greater love tonight than what i've for you
well, if you feel the same way for me then let it go
and we can journey to a garden no one knows
life is short my darling tell me that you love me
so we can fade into the night and you'll know

the world could die and everything may lie
still you shan't cry
'cause time may pass but longer than it'll last
i'll be by your side,
forever by your side

( instrumental )

i want you to know
the world could lie and everything may die
still you shan't cry
'cause time may pass and everything will last
i'll be by your side
forever by your side,
forever by your side
so you won't cry

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Anonymous said...

bakit di po ako mka download?....enterfactory po lumalabas...

kenmoves said...

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ask ko lang bakit ganun kapag magodownload ako per page. Sana maDL ko to. salamat
- kenmoves

heide abot said...

check out the INSTRUCTIONS on how to download section sa FAQ's... updated procedure na po yun kasi nagpalit na ako ng file host okie ^_^v

iyacat123 said...

Thanks :> IDOL NA IDOL KITA!!!! ♥

Leandre Matudan said...

thanks po, ^_^

Anonymous said...

thank you po :)

Anonymous said...

Ate heide request ko po sana na gumawa kayo ng piano sheet ng ikaw lamang by silent sanctuary, alam nio naman na malapit na ang valentine's, kaylangan ko po talaga, Maraming salamat.

Anonymous said...

saka nga pla ate heide, ung kundiman by silent sanctuary alam kong meron na kayong piano sheet nun pero wala pa po sa list eh. kaya pakicheck nlng po sana. TY ILY

Anonymous said...


kindly AT LEAST leave a NAME or CODE NAME (lagay mo shaider hehe) don't just use ANONYMOUS so that i can answer your questions directly and BEFORE ASKING ANYTHING... please do read GUIDELINES first.

thank you. xie xie. arigato. kam sah hamnida. gracias. salamat ^_^